About Golden Hour

Golden Hour Live is the only patented integrated solution for the emergency medical transportation industry. Golden Hour Live integrates Dispatch, Clinical Charting, Analytics, and Billing & Collections into a single, holistic service provided over the Internet. Golden Hour also provides Billing & Collections as well as Practice Management Services for our customers to help improve the overall health of emergency medical transportation programs. Designed and support by industry experts, Golden Hour Live Services are designed to help clients manage their business through a set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools that improve overall efficiency and maximize program revenue. Golden Hour provides the only patented, integrated system for health information and revenue management in the air medical and critical care transport industry. Golden Hour developed its service to help organizations manage all aspects of their medical transportation business.

Our Mission is to provide a consistent, customer centric service which increases revenue for our clients, provides them with valuable benefits, allows self-analysis, and produces benefits for patient care through clinical research, quality improvement, and cost effectiveness. Patient encounter and revenue information are integrated into a standardized database and delivered through the Golden Hour service.

Complete collection and management of critical data points is achieved by guiding users through a series of mandatory data entry fields. Medical billing information is electronically submitted with complete transport justification tied back to the dispatch record and all critical time reporting. Operational reports, user friendly data access, and customized data processing services allow programs to benchmark, perform clinical research, and manage their programs with data based decision analysis.

Economic pressures in health care mandate that emergency medical transportation programs operate cost effectively while maintaining operational control and superior safety. Programs are constantly being asked to improve quality through industry benchmarking and customer satisfaction surveys, while keeping costs in-check and maintaining overall program compliance. These demands require programs to tightly manage all information associated with their program and justify the medical necessity of the transports performed in response to emergency requests. Current transport documentation is often done on handwritten forms, or single user computer programs. This method of data collection is often inconsistent, non-standardized, and expensive.

Golden Hour allows providers to economically outsource information and revenue management while increasing operational control over their emergency medical transportation operations. The Golden Hour Live Service simplifies data collection and integrates the entire transport encounter into a single, common data record. The Golden Hour Live Service is fast, intuitive, and customizable to any client. The application service provider delivery model minimizes the upfront investment and allows transport programs to rapidly automate their entire operation. Golden Hour standardizes data and allows automated benchmarking and validation of transport efficacy -- not only for individual programs, but for the entire medical transport industry.

The Golden Hour Management Team consists of a group of seasoned professionals with experience in the air medical transportation industry as well as experience in software development, business process delivery, program management and superior customer support. This Team is able to guide the Golden Hour operation to superior product offerings and exceptional Customer Service.