Charles Haczewski

COO / President

Chuck has over 35 years of industry specific executive and senior management experience. Since 2000, Chuck has designed and implemented business strategies and plans to accomplish Golden Hour corporate goals while driving extensive and sustainable growth, and overseeing the diverse business operations and the work of executives (IT, RCM, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and HR). Prior to Golden Hour, Chuck was VP of Operations with similar leadership and business responsibilities for a configuration management technology company that provided services to Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Nortel, and others. Prior to this, Chuck served in several VP of Operations and FAA Part 135 Director of Operations positions for both domestic and international aviation companies that provided services to air medical programs through the US and the United Nations. Other experience includes serving in US Army as a Helicopter Pilot, Commercial Instrument Helicopter Pilot, and Private Fixed Wing Pilot with over 5,000 hours.