Our Compliance Officers


Golden Hour adopted one of the first integrated compliance plans. Golden Hour invested in Compliance and privacy management and created patented innovations to manage compliance and privacy in a Software as a Service environment. We also interfaced and augmented customers compliance plans.

Golden Hour has invested and integrated Compliance and Privacy. Multiple employees have become certified in Healthcare Compliance, and several are Certified as Ambulance Compliance Officers, as well as being certified in Privacy Compliance and Privacy Management for Research. Three individuals are certified in Privacy Compliance, and one of these is certified in Privacy Management for Research. These individuals and certification give us distinct advantages in revenue cycle management and in managing large volumes of electronic data for research and other purposes according to data sharing standards.

Compliance has also provided Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) remediation for new customers who have previously settled fraud allegations with the Office of Inspector General. Our deep understanding of compliance and air medical operations combined with evidence of compliance best practices allowed us to overcome the settlement and remove the CIA and the reputational cloud on the provider and parent institution.


Golden Hour embraced and complied with HIPAA and HITECH early, creating one of the first privacy compliant technology platforms and patenting many of these features. We take privacy management to higher level. Annual HIPAA / HITECH privacy risk assessments, SOC2 Type II compliance, and aggressive breach management are just a few of our privacy differentiators.

Golden Hour is a trusted business associate of over 3,500 customers in many states and from many different institutions, each with specific privacy requirements. Managing non-standardized privacy regulations and satisfying all these customer business associate agreements in a scalable way has required several innovations which we have successfully implemented.