About Our Company

On February 28, 2019 Golden Hour/emsCharts was acquired by ZOLL Medical Corporation. Additional information is available in the acquisition press release and at You can also view FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.

Golden Hour and emsCharts pioneered integration within the medical transport industry with 167 claimed inventions contained within seven (7) separate patents that were clustered to protect, automate, and integrate key business processes related to revenue generation and compliance. Our patents have been legally tested, licensing fees have been established by the courts, and we have licensed our intellectual property to providers across the country who honor our intellectual property rights.

We have reasonable licensing programs available for those interested in benefiting from our intellectual property. We cannot control the integrity and actions of competitors who transfer intellectual property liability to their customers through lack of disclosure, agreements, and subtle acts that complete joint infringement. At Golden Hour, we believe in Integrity. It is our core behavior, and we practice it daily in our business.

At Golden Hour, we have developed and implemented systems to manage and protect intellectual property. We now treat all innovations as closely held trade secrets through I-12, and continue to defend our patent portfolio.


Golden Hour and emsCharts are pioneers of software and services in support of the medical transportation industry. We have over 40 years of experience to become the innovation leader in providing advanced EMS technology platforms for Dispatch, Transfer Center, Clinical Charting, Information Exchange, and Revenue Cycle Management. Our proven EMS integration platform has advanced automated intelligence created from our combined 50+ million aggregate patient transports and our 200+ years of EMS and Air Medical expertise in our clinical oversight team.

Golden Hour has expanded our platform to include emsHIE, a modern, agnostic, multi-standard, health information exchange. This development was supported by a deep understanding of receiving facility workflows, EHR systems, regulatory requirements, critical care service requirements, and reimbursement value chains. The emsHIE Services represents a leap ahead in modern health system integration.

emsCharts and emsHIE are also tightly integrated with emsRCM, our revolutionary new Revenue Cycle Management solution. This allows our platform to be used in conjunction with other Golden Hour Services or with other legacy software.

Golden Hour is also the leading billing, reimbursement, and compliance services provider within the air medical transportation industry. The emsRCM software developed by Golden Hour is built using the aggregated reimbursement knowledge from billions of dollars in customer collections data, using hundreds of years of combined revenue cycle and compliance expertise. This is a capability that only Golden Hour has the ability to leverage. By building, continually improving, and embedding continuous compliance monitoring, we have taken emsRCM to a higher level to the benefit of our customers.