Golden Hour is a privately held company founded in 1993 in San Diego, California. In 2014, we acquired emsCharts and successfully integrated companies, technologies, and cultures.

Golden Hour is built on a single consolidated Mission and Vision:

LEAD People and Technology
DRIVE Solutions and Performance
STANDARDIZE Processes and Workflows
MAXIMIZE Revenue and Operational Intelligence

This mission has shaped a combined culture based on the following 5 Core behaviors:
  • Integrity
  • Goal Oriented
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Adapting to Change
  • Innovation

Our employees understand the mission of our customers, and more importantly they understand the patients that they interact with daily. We practice a patient advocacy approach and individualize our revenue cycle process based on the patient and customer. We pride ourselves in making a difference in lives of the patients we serve.


Golden Hour has created and implemented a vibrant, collaborative culture. We honor our early entrepreneurial roots, employee loyalty, and rich history but we are not afraid to change. We love process improvement, innovation, and engaging in a continuous cycle of improvement at Golden Hour.

We share our accomplishments weekly, recognize our employees, and we look at our challenges as new opportunities for learning and growth. That’s who we are at Golden Hour.

I-12 Advanced Products Development Unit

I-12 encapsulates a place where complex problems are solved by cross-functional teams through far-reaching innovation.

I-12 is Golden Hour’s version of Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works unit. Rick Mosteller (SVP Business Development) was a previous Skunk Works Aeronautical Engineer. Rick assisted in the design and adaptation of Skunk Works principles and SOP’s to I-12.

I-12 supports our product pipeline, existing products, and manages Innovation and Process Improvement. I-12 standardized our innovation process and supports our innovation culture. Activities in I-12 are proprietary.


I-Team (innovation team) is an I-12 activity. I-team allows innovation to be integrated across our entire company and platform.

I-Team has been used to teach the innovation process, present innovation ideas, and discuss process improvement projects. I-team supports Human Computer Interfacing (HCI), Intellectual Property, Compliance and privacy Integration, and data-intelligence Initiatives.

Dr. Hutton is the driving force behind I-12.


Golden Hour and emsCharts were both born from academics with EMS Physicians who understood research and saw the need standardized data, data sharing, and improve accuracy of data capture. Golden Hour partnered with University of Utah to form the Air Medical Research Institute (AMRI), and emsCharts partnered with UPMC and the Center for Emergency Medicine. These partnerships identified and overcame barriers to aggregate EMS and air medical research, pioneer de-identified electronic records research, and allowed standardized data to be aggregated over millions of patients in more 43 states and from 60 providers who all agreed to de-identified data sharing. The results represent the largest, multi-centered research ever performed. Our research demonstrated in over 25,000 strokes that 96% of patients presenting within 2.5 hours of symptom onset will arrive in a stroke center within the 4.5-hour treatment window because of air medical evacuation. This and other research facilitated by Golden Hour and emsCharts can be accessed here.