Customer Service

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Please contact your system administrator prior to calling our technical support line. Technical support representatives are available for direct tech support calls during normal business hours (7am-11pm Eastern Time). When reporting a system problem during non-business hours, your call is directed to our call center. On-call support representatives are available 24 / 7 / 365 to handle system failures or respond to critical problems. You can reach Golden Hour Technical Support at 844.445.6902. And you can reach emsCharts Technical Support at 866.647.8282.

Web-based support is available at any time via the online trouble-ticketing system. Log in to your account and go to Support, then Questions & Problems to log a ticket. Tickets are automatically assigned to support staff based on subject matter. Agents may also request users log into an instant session (available upon request).

Please consult the User Manual to find answers to product functionality questions. Log in to your account and go to Support, then Download Documentation to select and download Manuals and TechNotes.