• Single log-in and identical user credentials
  • Easy to use with page-by-page validations
  • Save time with NFIRS reporting
  • 24 / 7 / 365 access to data
  • Subscription-based solution
  • Integrated with emsCharts


With emsCharts Fire Reports, both EMS and Fire Reporting are now contained within the same application. Tightly integrated with the emsCharts, Fire Reports meets nationwide NFIRS fire reporting standards through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Created by subject matter experts with experience in many types of Fire / EMS departments we understand your mission. This allows you to greatly decrease the time your crew must spend on reporting, while also increasing the accuracy of the data submitted to fire reporting agencies and allowing cross reporting via analytics.

As part of our EMS Integration Platform, emsCharts Fire Reports is designed to allow you to focus on what matters most: Patient Care.

Features and System Requirements

Standard Features

Import data from most systems – including Firehouse
Shared database - one stop shop for reporting
Unlimited custom reports
Cloud based – 24/7 availability
Access from any web-connected device with any browser


NFIRS 5.0 Compliant
Reduced documentation time with typeahead lookups
Google address integration, and duty roster integration
CAD integration available
Collect high quality data with custom data validation rules
Optional QA process customizable by incident type
Unlimited plus-one codes for all code fields


Pre-plan codes with history and verification process
Record physical information for buildings
Track and import contact information
Link hydrants to buildings
Track storage tanks
Chemical inventory with NFPA 704 designations


Utilize any code list or even multiple code lists
Simple yes / no checklists
Automatic calendar reminders
Assign inspections to a whole shift, unit, station, or individual
Fully customizable inspection forms
Forms emailed directly from the software
Track history
Coming Soon: Built-in Invoicing

CAD Import

Reduce documentation time by importing times, location, and apparatus
Interface with over 50 CAD vendors across the US
Overwrite inaccurate CAD data


Length of Service Award
Program (a.k.a. PA Act 172)
Track personnel participation in department activities
Assign points or hourly credit
Unlimited, customizable categories
Set minimum and maximum thresholds
Grant incident credit while personnel are attending classes


Track personnel exposure to carcinogenic materials
Valuable for cancer-presumption states
Establish documentation for personnel health
Document needle sticks, exposure to chemicals, and contact with bloodborne pathogens
Optionally require reports – automatically email personnel


Document investigation activity
Upload photos
Link to NFIRS incidents
Track chain of custody for evidence items
Report on juvenile firesetters for grant writing


Suitable for draft sites, dry hydrants, or standard hydrants
NFPA 294 color codes for flow rate
Google Maps Integration
Import hydrant data
GPS mapping of hydrants
Mark hydrants out of service


Daily activity log
“Birds eye view” of daily departmental activities


Always  Compliant