Intellectual Property

Innovations Worth Protecting


Golden Hour and emsCharts pioneered integration within the medical transport industry with 167 claimed inventions contained within seven (7) separate patents that were clustered to protect, automate, and integrate key business processes related to revenue generation and compliance. Our patents have been legally tested, licensing fees have been established by the courts, and we have licensed our intellectual property to providers across the country who honor our intellectual property rights.

We have reasonable licensing programs available for those interested in benefiting from our intellectual property. We cannot control the integrity and actions of competitors who transfer intellectual property liability to their customers through lack of disclosure, agreements, and subtle acts that complete joint infringement. At Golden Hour, we believe in Integrity. It is our core behavior, and we practice it daily in our business.

At Golden Hour, we have developed and implemented systems to manage and protect intellectual property. We now treat all innovations as closely held trade secrets through I-12, and continue to defend our patent portfolio.