Additional Training

The most popular method for emsCharts implementation is via our online training program. This convenient method uses a web conferencing software that we provide to you. This allows your trainer to share with you an application, a desktop, a presentation or a white board, conveniently through an Internet connection. Your trainer will perform training demonstrations using your actual service database. Web training allows you to ask questions and actively participate as though you were in a classroom. Online training is performed in three stages to help introduce and educate the user in emsCharts.

1. Train the Trainer

Stage 1 is our “Train the Trainer” session where we work with administrative leaders. We explain the basics of setting up users and security, general configuration rules, and how to enter a basic chart. This training generally takes about two hours.

2. System And Module Configuration

Stage 2 covers “System and module configuration and Q & A.” This session reviews any aspects of training from Stage 1 where questions have come up — as well as more advanced configuration aspects. We also discuss the reports section of emsCharts as to standard reports included and an introduction to our report generator. Stage 2 training takes about two hours.

3. Going Live

Stage 3 is our “Going Live” session. In this session, we will answer any remaining questions that may have come up. We will then go over our Go Live Checklist to be sure all needed configuration has been completed. This session lasts about one hour.

4. One-on-One Session

This is a specialized one-on-one session in which the implementation timeline is provided to offer a logical flow of configuration and track progress.

If you would like a customized approach, on-site training may be arranged. In this situation, an emsCharts Trainer will come to your site and train administrators and other personnel. The emsCharts Trainer will dedicate eight hours of time per day to the training of your personnel. The number of days and subject matter to be covered may be arranged as desired by your service and as accepted by our Trainer. You may customize your training or allow the emsCharts Training Manager to develop a program for you. A training outline must be approved by our Training Manager prior to the training date.

On-site training has a per diem plus expenses, with a minimum of two days on site.

1. Online Webinars

Webinar trainings will be set up by the emsCharts Training Manager as needed. They will cover an announced topic and multiple companies may attend at one time. Contact us for pricing and upcoming schedule.

2. User Groups

emsCharts offers resources for customers to build regional and local User Groups — as well as national groups for special interests in EMS. The groups will provide new and existing users with a means of networking and knowledge-sharing. The objective is to promote product knowledge and a stronger sense of community among users.

3. Additional Hours Online Training

Additional training time may be scheduled with an emsCharts trainer. You decide on the subject matter to be covered. Contact the emsCharts Training Manager for pricing and to arrange custom sessions.

4. User Groups and Convention Training

These will be set up as possible at various state or National Conventions. Cost and times for these will be dictated by the specific convention and the costs involved for the presentation.