Acquisition FAQ

ZOLL’s Acquisition of Golden Hour / emsCharts:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find the official acquisition announcement?
On March 4, 2019, ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced the acquisition of Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc., and issued a worldwide Press Release. The Press Release can be found on all major search engines, and on the ZOLL website at this location:

Does this acquisition include both Golden Hour and emsCharts?
Yes, ZOLL acquired both Golden Hour and emsCharts, and all business lines associated with both companies. This includes the industry-leading emsCharts Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) service, all associated technology solutions developed by both Golden Hour and emsCharts, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services, and the Health Information Exchange (HIE). emsCharts remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Hour, and Golden Hour is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ZOLL Data.

Why did ZOLL acquire Golden Hour?
To combine resources and expertise to offer cutting edge Software-as-a-Service solutions that support change and growth. By merging resources, ZOLL Data will be able to focus efforts on product development and product enhancements that will allow the combined user base to manage critical patient data more efficiently now and in the future.

ZOLL now has duplicate product lines in ePCR, billing, fire reporting, and HIE. What does the acquisition mean for these products?
There are overlapping product lines, but that is also one of the key benefits of the acquisition. ZOLL will leverage the combined expertise from both organizations to accelerate development and bring more robust solutions to a larger segment of the transport market. In the short term, development will continue on all product lines according to currently defined plans. In the future, ZOLL will conduct an in-depth assessment of the combined portfolio with the goal of formulating a unified product strategy.

What’s going to happen to the Golden Hour & emsCharts brands?
ZOLL will continue to market, sell, and support the Golden Hour and emsCharts portfolio under their existing brands through their existing engineering, sales, and support organizations. The only thing that has changed is the addition of resources from ZOLL and their parent company, Asahi Kasei, to drive the success of both Golden Hour and emsCharts going forward.

Will customers be forced to leave either Golden Hour or emsCharts applications?
No. Customers will not be forced to migrate from their installed solutions, and all products will be developed and supported in accordance with current product strategies. Customers may choose however, to evaluate and consider other solutions within the ZOLL portfolio.

How do I contact Golden Hour, emsCharts, and ZOLL?
There is no change to the way you interact with Golden Hour and emsCharts. Please continue to contact Customer Service through the same methods as before (email, online tickets, and telephone). All the same communication methods, including the Customer Service phone numbers for both organizations, will remain active into the future.

Will RCM remain intact?
Yes. Full support will continue to be delivered to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) customers who have grown to rely on Golden Hour as their Billing & Collection specialist in both air and ground billing. ZOLL has supported Billing & Collections for many years through ZOLL RescueNet Billing, the premier software solution for RCM departments throughout the country. ZOLL is now a “practicing entity” with a turn-key service solution combined with their industry leading software solutions in support of the RCM arena. This will allow ZOLL to continue to explore synergies between billing software and billing operations to drive efficiencies, increase collections, and support customers.

I recently left ZOLL to move to emsCharts. What does the acquisition mean to me?
ZOLL intends to develop, market, and support emsCharts into the future. In short, you won’t notice any changes in your emsCharts user and customer experience.

Is my data safe?
Yes. ZOLL remains committed to ensuring customer privacy, data integrity, and HIPAA compliance remains intact. Your data will remain safe and secure on either the Golden Hour or emsCharts servers as it always has. Just as your data is not owned by either Golden Hour or emsCharts, it will not be owned by ZOLL. We remain committed to the absolute protection of your data. In addition, Golden Hour, emsCharts, and ZOLL are all hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading hosting platform. These three environments within the AWS platform will remain for the foreseeable future with no changes. However, additional efficiencies and integrations may be considered to streamline integration for the benefit of our customers. But those enhancements will not impact the security of your data and the delivery of our service.

Will ZOLL honor my Golden Hour/emsCharts contract?
Both Golden Hour and emsCharts continue as separate, legal corporate entities. ZOLL has agreed to assume all existing obligations under Service Agreements with Golden Hour/emsCharts.

Will the company name change?
No, both Golden Hour and emsCharts will continue as separate corporate entities in the near term. emsCharts will continue to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Hour, and Golden Hour is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ZOLL.

Will ZOLL be able to see my data?
No, ZOLL will not be able to see or access your data. Just as before, all data continues to be encrypted and secure within the Oracle database, which is hosted at AWS. The privacy of your data will continue in accordance with your Service Agreement. For clarity, all data will continue to be protected in strict compliance with HIPAA guidelines as specified within the emsCharts contract.

What is going to happen to Golden Hour/emsCharts billing partners?
There is no change in the relationships that are currently in place with billing partners. ZOLL will honor all current agreements with billing partners. ZOLL, however, has no control over how customers manage their businesses. Should a customer—at some point in the future—choose to bring their billing function in house, it would be their prerogative to do so.

Will emsCharts user conference continue as scheduled?
Yes, the emsCharts user conference, also known as emsCharts NAVIGATE, will continue as scheduled. It will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on May 14-16, 2019. In addition, all Golden Hour/emsCharts customers are invited to attend the ZOLL Summit user conference the week prior, from May 7-9, 2019, in Denver, Colorado. Details for both conferences are at the links below and will be updated over the next few months.

ZOLL Summit (May 7-9, 2019)

emsCharts NAVIGATE (May 14-16, 2019)

Will either emsCharts or Golden Hour be moving locations?
No, both emsCharts and Golden Hour will remain in their corporate headquarters for the near term. For clarity, emsCharts headquarters will remain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Golden Hour will remain in San Diego, California. The address and main phone number for each office are as follows:

420 Commonwealth Dr #200
Warrendale, PA 15086
Golden Hour
10052 Mesa Ridge Ct #200
San Diego, CA 92121

Will either emsCharts or Golden Hour Customer Service change?
No, both emsCharts and Golden Hour Customer Service will continue to operate as it does today. Both groups will continue to monitor phone calls, trouble tickets, email, and other communication methodologies that were used prior to the acquisition by ZOLL.

Will emsCharts continue to have CCUG and CCAC?
Yes, emsCharts will continue to sponsor the Critical Care User Group (CCUG) and the Critical Care Advisory Council (CCAC). Both are important strategic initiatives of emsCharts and Golden Hour and are a valuable method to gather clinical input for technology and services under development.

Will there be a cost savings for me? For instance, will there be a bundle opportunity?
Near term, there will be no change to the Service Agreement or Fee Schedule associated with either emsCharts or Golden Hour.

Will there be changes in emsCharts and Golden Hour sponsorships for industry activities?
All sponsorships previously committed will be honored over the near term. In the future, other sponsorships will be considered by the ZOLL executive team.

Are all the employees still safe?
All employees remain at both Golden Hour and emsCharts in the same capacity as they performed prior to the acquisition. And as documented on the ZOLL website, there is also a strong commitment to employee culture and development. See:

How will this impact future tradeshows?
Both emsCharts and Golden Hour have committed to a large number of tradeshows in 2019. We plan to support all those conferences as currently scheduled.

Who is ZOLL?
ZOLL manufactures and develops medical devices and software solutions focused on clinical quality assurance, optimized operations, and data-driven analytics. And they have been doing this a long time. Founded by Dr. Paul ZOLL, the father of modern electrophysiology in 1984, ZOLL added software solutions to the ZOLL family in 1999. The integration of cutting-edge, life-saving medical devices with innovative, data-management software solutions allows ZOLL to be at the forefront of pre-hospital and hospital technology.

Is either emsCharts or Golden Hour going out of business?
No. Both emsCharts and Golden Hour are strong companies and will continue to provide the products and services they are known for in support of the Ground and Critical Care/Air Medical markets. We are optimistic for what the future holds and will build more robust capabilities and provide additional professional support to ensure that we can provide the highest level of customer service and new, innovative product offerings.

Will I have a new Point of Contact at either Golden Hour or emsCharts moving forward?
Your Point of Contact (POC) for both Golden Hour and emsCharts will remain the same.