Greater Revenue
and Compliance

allowing you to focus on
what matters most – patient care

Next-Gen Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) that Automates Billing and Compliance


Data Integration

Complete integration of data from any ePCR or EHR source


Certified Coding

Certification-based coding that adheres to industry standards


Claim Submission

Complete, rapid claim submission with robust security


Cash Posting

Cash posting to maximize timely reimbursement and reporting



Rigorous compliance ensures minimal errors and denials



Intelligent analytics provides valuable metrics and insights

Better Together

As part of ZOLL® Data Systems, Golden Hour's advanced RCM Platform integrates seamlessly with other ZOLL products, including ZOLL emsCharts® – resulting in greater revenue capture and highly automated billing workflows designed for the unique challenges of healthcare.


The Leader In Revenue
Cycle Management

You need claims paid on time, efficiently and at the maximum compliant level. Interoperability is outcome-critical for patients and your business.

Golden Hour automates billing and compliance, so you can put patients first. Integrating data from any ePCR or EHR source, Golden Hour reduces time-to-cash, minimizes denials and ensures HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Precise reporting and predictive analytics empower you to make insightful, informed business decisions.

With Golden Hour, it all works together.

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